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Business Planning Tools

Aubea offers the latest business planning tools for your Finance, Operations and Marketing Departments. After we uncover your unique business needs, we will recommend and implement a number of business planning tools to help you manage your information. Our goal is to save you time, money and resources. The Aubea team will assist you in reaching your goals with minimal disruption to your current systems, and deliver the training and support you need for continued success.

For Finance

Make your financial department an asset to the rest of your organization with smart software solutions that deliver key insights you can use to stay competitive. Speed up accuracy and reduce the time required to complete core finance tasks with effective tools for:

  • Adaptive Budgeting
  • Proactive Forecasting
  • Data Consolidation
  • Intuitive Financial Modeling
  • Robust Ad Hoc Analysis
  • High Level Corporate Reporting

For Operations

Enhance operational ability with smart tools customized to your needs. We can implement best practices and set up the following to help you work smarter across your entire organization:

  • Dials
  • Interactive & Customizable Dashboards
  • Real Time Snapshots
  • Programmable Alerts
  • Mobile Data Delivery

Our Process

From design, implementation to training and support, we deliver a user-friendly solution that grows easily as your business reaches new heights.

Our Financial Planning & Consulting Process

At Aubea, we don’t simply focus on business planning consulting; we roll up our sleeves to understand the inner workings of your organization and where you want to be. From design and implementation to training and support, we strive to leave you with a solution that’s not only user-friendly but grows with ease as your business reaches new heights.

How We Do It…

  • Discovery

Before recommending or installing any budgeting and planning solution, we evaluate the requirements of all stakeholders in your project, your existing systems and processes, and your ideal timeline and budget.

  • Planning & Design

Once we understand your needs, we prepare a detailed plan of action, including recommendations for restructuring, best practices and business planning software that can take you where you want to go.

  • Implementation & Customization

While striving for minimal disruption and maximum convenience for your team, we ensure smooth implementation of your new solutions. We also provide customization for the perfect fit.

  • Training & Support

We train your team and provide support so you can enjoy smooth adoption of your new technology and systems. Our goal is to ensure that every user can use their time more efficiently by finding what they need exactly when they need it. We’ll also arm you with the tools to enjoy continuous benefits from your investment.