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Starting the Year Off Right – FP&A Best Practices

Pop the champagne! 2018 is upon us, but are you ready for a change? Move beyond your day-to-day tasks of budgeting, forecasting, and reporting to more high impact activities and processes.

Not sure how? Join Kinnari Desai, Director of Corporate FP&A at Veeva Systems and Tom Peff, Director of FP&A at Adaptive Insights and learn seven ways to kick start a successful year, so you can:

  • Increase capacity on your team without adding more headcount
  • Develop team capabilities to get more out of the resources you do have
  • Collaborate more effectively with your business partners
  • When: Wednesday, January 24, 2018
  • Time: 11:00AM-12:00PM PST, 2:00PM-3:00PM EST
  • Duration: 45 minutes plus live Q&A
  • Speaker: Kinnari Desai, Director of Corporate FP&A, Veeva Systems & Tom Peff, Director of FP&A, Adaptive Insights
  • Cost: FREE

[Nonprofit] Starting the Year Off Right – FP&A Best Practices

Pop the champagne! 2018 is upon us, but are you ready for a change? Move beyond your day-to-day tasks of budgeting, forecasting, and reporting to more high impact activities and processes.

Not sure how? Join Rosemary McDonnell, Finance Director, APICS, and learn five ways to kick start a successful year, so you can:

  • Increase capacity on your team to manage multiple funds, programs, and locations
  • Accurately project budget and cash flow for everything from membership, training, certification and events to grants, donations and pledge drives
  • Collaborate more effectively with your board, affiliates and other 3rd party stakeholders
  • When: Thursday, January 25, 2018
  • Time: 10:00AM-11:00AM PST, 1:00PM-2:00PM EST
  • Duration: 45 minutes plus live Q&A
  • Speaker: Rosemary McDonnell, Finance Director, APICS
  • Cost: FREE

Previous Webcasts & Webinars

Move Beyond the Numbers: Creating Compelling Board Reports

As a CFO, your job is to convey the financial state of the business. Your board, however, is looking more than just numbers; they want to understand the impact and implications of the data you present. Unfortunately, your team is spending countless hours consolidate data from multiple sources and may have little time for the analysis that could help you tell a compelling story.

Join this webcast to hear techniques for delivering compelling narratives with board reports. You’ll learn how to:

– Use intuitive dashboards and data visualization to build a story that clearly shows current performance, future trends, and possible scenarios
– Generate reports in less time so you and your team can focus on building the strategic narrative your board expects
– Eliminate inefficient and time-consuming manual processes so you can spend your time analyzing the numbers
– Harness modern technology to build a bridge between existing spreadsheets and the cloud business analytics that underpin a persuasive story

Your board members aren’t as close as you are to the day-to-day operations of your business. Going beyond the numbers to tell them a story that resonates has never been more critical.

Secrets to Better Personnel Planning

Learn how to get optimal bang for the buck when planning headcount. For any business, personnel costs can be the largest operational expense, requiring decision making from the CEO, CFO, and HR. These four pillars of personal planning can help ensure the process directs resources to the right investments.

Master Your Budgeting Process: Tips for an Active Budget

Spending countless days and nights building the annual budget can be a frustrating process. Especially when you know it may be obsolete by the end of the next quarter. Stop wasting precious time on tedious, repetitious work that results in a static plan. Join this webcast to learn how to overcome the endless cycles of your budget process and start moving towards an active plan. We’ll discuss practical tips to:

– Reduce the amount of time required to gather critical data for your budgeting process
– Better connect key drivers of business to improve budget performance and accuracy
– Use active planning to help your organization adjust resource allocations as market conditions change.

Beyond Dollar Signs: How Non-Financial KPIs Determine Corporate Performance

Screenshot for Beyond Dollar Signs: How Non-Financial KPIs Determine Corporate Performance

The game continues to change for CFOs. Gone are the days of simply calculating and reporting financial numbers. To accurately measure and forecast corporate performance, today’s CFOs must now manage information and data from across the business. In fact, 76% of CFOs report that they are tracking some non-financial key performance indicators (KPIs) today, and many expect that nearly one-third of their KPIs will be non-financial by 2018.

Watch this webcast to learn what CFOs are doing to:

– Guide their organizations in determining which non-financial KPIs to track as leading market indicators of corporate performance
– Prevent the manipulation and bias that can hurt the effectiveness of non-financial KPIs
– Balance the views of key stakeholders with collaboration to ensure everyone is aligned

Delivering Reports that People Value and Use

For many finance professionals, reporting is an exercise in frustration. Join this webinar to learn the components of reports and analysis that your business partners will value and use.

Big Data and Finance: A Guide for CFOs

Join this webinar to hear from Steve Player, owner of the Player Group, a leading consulting organization that hosts the Beyond Budgeting Roundtable for today’s finance leaders. Steve discusses how to use predictive logic diagrams to help guide organizations to the key indicators that can give insight into changing market conditions.

Top Questions CFOs Should Ask Their Teams FP&A

With the right systems, processes and technologies, CFOs are in an ideal position to identify areas for growth, manage spend, and mitigate threats. But first they must scale a mountain of data, which requires team work. What questions can CFOs ask their team to help drive alignment and lead their organization in a productive and profitable direction?

Listen in as Jeff Epstein, Operating Partner with Bessemer Venture Partners, discusses questions that help:
– Get to the information needed to drive performance improvements
– Build an understanding of various data sources and determine an accurate single source of truth
– Move you away from backward-looking reporting to more strategic, forward-looking analysis

SaaS Finance: Moving Fast and Staying Nimble

As a SaaS company ourselves, we know what it’s like being on a SaaS finance team; it’s an exercise in moving fast and staying nimble to keep pace in a dynamic marketplace.

We’d like to share with you how the Adaptive Insights finance team rapidly creates plans and forecasts with confidence, tracks and reports on key metrics, and benchmarks against peers.

Join Tom Peff, Director of Finance, and Connie DeWitt, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, as they discuss how Adaptive Insights:
– Builds a robust model for continuous, agile planning of expenses, revenue, capacity, renewals and much more.
– Track key SaaS metrics like customer acquisition costs (CAC), lifetime value (LTV), ARR bookings, and churn to enable data-based decisions.
– Create dashboards that benchmark KPIs to comparable SaaS businesses.
– Collaborate across the business to rapidly create plans and share reports with confidence.

Creating and Owning a Culture of Analytics: How CFOs can Transform FP&A

This webcasts explores how you can create a culture of analytics in your finance team, including:
– The findings of the CFO indicator report, a survey of more than 300 CFOs worldwide
– How to leverage technology to free up time for finance professionals so they can move beyond tactical and time-consuming data processing
– The steps that CFOs must take to own and lead analytics that support operational decision-making, creating a data-driven mindset within their finance teams

The Goldilocks Budget: Best Practices for Developing a Just Right Budget

Join Jeff Epstein, Operating Partner at Bessemer Venture Partners and former CFO of Oracle to learn how to balance the risk of aiming too high or too low with your budgets.

Dashboards That Deliver: 4 Ways to Simplify The Reporting Process

Join Loren Den Herder, Director of Business Application Development at Moss Adams LLP, to learn best practices for turning raw performance data into intuitive KPI dashboards.

Scenario Planning Done Right: A Blueprint for Effective Plans

Discover how to effectively add scenario planning to your FP&A toolbox. You’ll learn how to define initiatives and drivers that will deliver growth, such as hiring, investments and pricing. The panel also discusses how to evaluate scenarios to determine baseline impact and shares real-world stories about how clients and customers are using scenarios to increase business performance.

Higher Education Industry Spotlight: Tactical to Strategic Finance

Join us for an exciting customer panel discussion with Elizabeth Dionne, director of finance at College of the Holy Cross, and John McGrath, budgeting manager at Babson College. They’ll describe how they’ve made the transition from tactical to strategic—and elevated the role of finance to better address emerging challenges.

The DNA of High Performing Finance Organizations

Watch this informative webinar to hear how Craig Rucker, Vice President of Finance at leading publisher Active Interest Media, evolved his team from “pushing around numbers” into an “operational hub” that plays a key role in strategic decision-making.

5 Ways to be Recognized as Top Talent

Many CFOs feel their teams don’t have the right skills and behaviors to drive excellent performance. Do you have those skills? Before your next performance review rolls around, will you have shown your manager that you’re “top talent”?

Learn practical strategies for demonstrating the competencies that CFOs and senior leaders expect from high performers.

The ABCs of Lean Finance: Practical Strategies for Increasing Your Productivity and Value

Join us to learn how lean principles can help you get rid of inefficient and duplicate processes so that you can boost your productivity and better serve your internal customers.

Healthcare Industry Spotlight: Planning for Value Metrics

Join us to learn how healthcare organizations like the Mayo Clinic have redefined their planning, reporting, and performance management. We’ll show you ways to manage uncertainty with continuous planning and rolling forecasts, support data-driven decisions, and track and control costs.

10 Most Popular Excel Tips and Tricks (and When to Use Them)

Join us for a practical, informative webinar on the popular tips and tricks for becoming more effective with Excel spreadsheets. You’ll also learn how to best use Excel with other finance systems.

Setting a Course to “Yes”: How the CFO Role is Evolving

Join Jim Johnson, CFO of Adaptive Insights, to learn how the role of today’s CFO is shifting from tactician to strategist—and from saying “no” to looking for ways to say “Yes.”

10 Most Popular Excel Tips and Tricks (and When to Use Them)

Join us for a practical, informative webinar on the popular tips and tricks for becoming more effective with Excel spreadsheets. You’ll also learn how to best use Excel with other finance systems.

Forecasting With Confidence

Join us for a practical, informative webinar on new techniques you need to create a forecast that is accurate and drives strategic and investment decisions. You’ll learn how to create a forecast that accurately reflects key business drivers and aligns expenses with revenues before spending gets out of control.

Forecasts That Don’t Disappoint

Learn the techniques for accurate forecasts that paint the big picture of business performance and highlight opportunities for high-ROI investments.

Common Dashboard Mistakes and How to Fix Them

We’ll share common pitfalls that limit the effectiveness of dashboards along with tips to address them. You’ll hear real-world examples of how finance teams are delivering insightful dashboards to drive business decisions in minutes, not days

Dare to Dashboard: Stop pulling data, start delivering insights.

Watch this informative webinar and find out how to start delivering actionable insights with your dashboards. You’ll learn how to stop the pain of gathering data so you can spend more time on value-added analysis.

Tame Your Budgeting Process with Rolling Forecasts

Discover how high-performing finance teams have cut planning cycle times by embracing rolling forecasts. Join our popular guest speaker, Steve Player, as he shares common pitfalls associated with implementing rolling forecasts and practical tips to overcome them.

The 7 Costliest Reporting Mistakes

Getting concise financial data to your stakeholders with relevant, up-to-date information can be easier than you think. This practical webinar will give you actionable tips to become a reporting mastermind by utilizing the three R’s of reporting.

Lessons From the CFO: Thinking Beyond the Numbers

Join Robert S. Hull, veteran CFO and founder of Adaptive Insights, as he shares the quintessential rules of modern FP&A in this interactive webinar. You’ll leave with an actionable roadmap to increase business engagement, deliver trustworthy results, and increase profitability.

CFO Playbook: 3 Ways to Embrace the Cloud

Gain actionable blueprints for building your financial planning and reporting in the cloud. Real-world case studies illustrate the tangible benefits, such as faster deployment of other applications and lower total cost of ownership, after companies moved their financial processes to the cloud.

Technology Webinar Series: How IT Can Partner With Finance on Analytics

Know the key questions to ask and what to look for when evaluating an analytics and performance management solution. Companies are expecting their finance leaders to deliver strategic insights. Make sure your finance technology solution empowers finance professionals by effectively managing the whole financial process.

Essential Guide to Budgeting Success

Gain actionable tips that eliminate errors due to manual consolidations, and drive better collaboration with stakeholders in higher education institutions. Barry University in Miami, FL, transformed its budgeting with Adaptive Insights software and achieved greater speed, accuracy, and control in its processes.

Rolling Forecasts: Your Guide To Success

Save your time—and your sanity—when implementing rolling forecasts in your organization. Steve Player, managing director of the Beyond Budgeting Round Table, explains the advantages of continuous planning in a volatile marketplace, and the process to migrate from annual budgets to rolling forecasts.

Innovations in Reporting & Dashboards: Your Keys to Better Decision-Making

Learn how to leverage the “gold mine” of your data on hand without the heavy number-crunching. The latest innovations in reporting and dashboards make relevant data accessible, cut reporting cycle time by 75%, and deliver the actionable insights business leaders want and need.

Elevate the Role of Finance in Your Non-profit Organization

Discover best practices for managing financial processes in nonprofit organizations. Adaptive Insights’ software empowers nonprofits with dynamic reporting across multiple dimensions. After it reduced its dependency on spreadsheets, Goodwill reduced the time spent on financial processes and accelerated its decision-making.

Use Dashboards and Analytics to Find Hidden Savings in Your Data for Healthcare

Get tips for visualizing important KPIs with data on hand—without all the manual, time-consuming work. Finance teams can deliver key insights to company leaders by automating sophisticated tasks, customizing reports and dashboards, and analyzing real-time data in a central source.

FP&A Best Practices for Government Organizations

Get access to best practices for reducing dependency on spreadsheets and accelerating financial planning processes in government institutions. Learn how efficiently planning various funding scenarios based on economic conditions helps finance leaders in government organizations achieve more in less time.

See the FP&A Forest From the Trees for Manufacturers

Learn how finance executives leverage key data for decision-making. Glen Moore, vice president of engine management finance at Standard Motor Products, shares how the company replaced their spreadsheet process with Adaptive Planning, which improved margins, reduced manufacturing costs, and boosted collaboration across the globe.

Improve Your Forecasting and Budgeting Process for Software and Technology

Get access to budgeting and forecasting best practices that draw out key insights and drive decision-making. An Adaptive software demonstration shows how to automate sophisticated dashboards, integrate reports in real time, and enable budget collaborators with self-service reporting capabilities without relying on IT support.