Cut Your Budget Cycle Time in Half with Adaptive Insights

Get the cloud-based budgeting and reporting software that ranks #1 in customer satisfaction.

Tired of error-prone, inefficient Excel-based budgeting and reporting that seems to hold your business hostage rather than improving it? It’s time you tried Adaptive Insights–the fastest-growing software in the Business Intelligence and Planning sector. As Canada’s #1 Adaptive Insights Partner, Aubea can take you there.

Why Adaptive Insights?

Adaptive Insights marries finance and technology to turn your finance department into a driver of business success. It’s a powerful financial modeling engine with an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface.

With could-based Adaptive Insights software, you can:

  • Cut budget cycle time by 50% by moving away from tedious Excel spreadsheets that leave room for error and confusion.
  • Work from one version of the truth by centralizing your data and making collaboration easy while maintaining accuracy.
  • Transform financial data into business insights that help you make better decisions and get ahead of your competition.
  • Enjoy greater efficiency almost instantly with quick and easy adoption – no need for an IT overhaul!

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