About Us

Aubea: Our name defined

Pronunciation: O-Bea

Definition: From the French word Aube meaning Dawn (of the Day). A new day, experiencing a moment of exceptional clarity.

At Aubea, we believe that when you can finally see the forest for the trees it’s like experiencing a new day, a new dawn.

Who We Are & What We Do

Aubea is a Planning and Analysis consultancy with offices in Vancouver, BC.  We specialize in delivering industry specific models to solve complex financial planning and reporting needs. Our consultants are trained and qualified accountants with a deep understanding of technology and how it can be used to streamline financial processes.

Our mission is simple – to Enable Better Decision Making

We enable large and medium size organizations to move from old world FP&A to technologically empowered FP&A. We deeply understand both the technologies we use and the requirements of large financial departments. We’ll design and implement custom cloud-based models using an accessible platform to ensure you have a solution that means you can see the forest for the trees. We are proud to be a leading partner of Adaptive Insights, the standard for cloud corporate performance management and business intelligence solutions.

“We had a great experience. Aubea were a pleasure to do business with.”