Today’s is a world where everyone is competing for resources – and this in no different in the Not for Profit sector making ensuring success of your Not-for-Profit that much more difficult. So who best captures the donor’s attention? Is it the biggest, best marketed; the one with the most profound cause or what else? Maybe all of these, but our experience is that it is the most impactful.

Impact is created by some key organizational disciplines, and these remain constant whatever the actual cause is:

  • Firstly there should be a clear strategic focus, where the resources of the organization are appropriately aligned and everybody’s role in achieving that strategy is clearly communicated.
  • Secondly there must be measurement of results against this plan at the detailed and aggregated level.

The process of creating an effective annual budget can be challenging for small NPOs for a variety of reasons. But one common theme in making this area more impactful is to have a technology backbone that guides the budget process, and makes it easy for the finance department to define, measure and report.

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